Asta (Performing With Set Mo)

Asta first caught our attention with her electro-‐pop inspired tracks ‘My Heart is on Fire’ and follow up ‘Escape’, but she is quick not to pigeonhole her sound.

Coming from an acoustic background, with tracks affectionately known as the Bedroom Recordings available online, Asta has drawn on a range of influences and is continually evolving and pushing the genre boundaries.

Strong 80’s pop influences are currently driving Asta, immersing herself in the stories and back catalogues of Annie Lennox, young Madonna, and reaching even further to soul influences like Nina Simone. The songs Asta produces will never be reproductions; with her creative aspirations driving her to make sure no song ever sounds the same. It is this passion to deliver strong sounds, full of heart and soul, that shows a belief in herself as an artist and strengthens her connection with her fans.

The whirlwind success surrounding Asta shows no sign of slowing, but her endless energy and enthusiasm has her ready to meet the future head on. There is already interest for collaborations with some of Australia’s most well respected acts, and Asta will be teaming up with a well-­‐known producer to create an album full of quality music. Her debut album will give fans the opportunity to see the true potential of Asta and her songwriting abilities.

Catch Asta performing with Set Mo on the main stage at Electric Gardens this year!