Basement Jaxx (DJ SET) - Profile

Basement Jaxx, the critically acclaimed UK electronic dance music duo, famed for their high energy and distinctive DJ style. Playing sellout gigs worldwide for the past two decades at iconic venues including Ministry of Sound, Space and Glastonbury Festival. Surfacing from the underground house music scene of the late 90’s they make a welcomed appearance down under at the Electric Gardens Festival Tour 2017, Basement Jaxx are anticipated to play a set epitomizing their timeless reputation as the seminal funk monsters that keep crowds partying all night long. 

“There is no way you can fault Basement Jaxx! From live shows to DJ sets, they know how to work their crowd and they do it so effortlessly. No matter what venue they take over, each set is completely different and it was genuinely exciting to see what they would throw in the mix next.” – Skiddle